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  • Feel like you are paying too much for your ACC?
  • Feel like you are forever paying taxes and insurance?
  • Feel like the government is not helping you at all any more?

Check out these 6 ways that you can likely save money.

Not all will work for everyone, however we are yet to meet a small business owner in NZ who hasn’t saved money in at least one of these ways.

ACC Cover Plus extra.

Have you heard of this cheaper option for managing your ACC?

Most business owners have not.

It’s almost like the Government is trying to keep it secret. Organising ACC Cover Plus extra is entirely FREE, and will usually result in you paying less for your ACC.

However… ACC Cover Plus extra is best set up with the help of an advisor. There are advisors who can walk you through this for free, and save you money.

You literally have NOTHING to lose by talking with an advisor about this.


You’ve likely got this sorted out, but what about the kids? Have you considered talking to an advisor about the idea that your kids can also benefit from this free contribution from the government? Again, totally free of charge for you to talk to an advisor about this.

Life Insurance.

Amazingly, most small business owners DO have life insurance, but never, ever review it once set up. There is a chance you are now OVERPAYING. You should consider reviewing this asap, nobody likes to overpay.

Income Protection.

Do you have this? If you are covered for income protection via your ACC, it might be worth talking to an advisor about using the ACC cover plus extra option mentioned above, with some income protection added in. Everyones situation is different, but we’ve even seen people essentially paying for income protection twice! Talk to an advisor, can’t hurt, totally free of charge.

Trauma Insurance.

We find people often paying more here than they need to. Again, we all have different situations but if you set up your overall insurance plan and have not reviewed it lately, you should talk to an advisor.

Business Insurance.

Sometimes, people are paying high premiums via private insurance, when they could actually use a leveraged option via a professional group they belong to, and save money. Again, talk to an advisor to see if you can save money.

In fact, there are probably MORE ways a good advisor can save you money. You just have to ask.

We’ll never understand why people just set up finance and insurance situations and never review them. But its not too late, book a call, its free, there is no pressure to do anything at all. Worst case scenario… you find out that you are doing all the right things!

Other possible scenarios – you save cash, that you can use for better things like running your business or improving your lifestyle!

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