Recommended Businesses

In my / our work as Insurance Brokers here in Tauranga, we often get asked about other businesses, who we recommend, who we use etc etc.

We thought it would be useful to put them here on a page on our site, so we can easily refer people and make life easy for everyone.

If you are one of our friends in business, and you are NOT here, please reach out to us via this page HERE, and we’ll sort it out.

Friendly Businesses we recommend:

Marketing – SEO – getting ranked higher on Google – we use Corey Hinde (SEO Tauranga) and the team at Good Oil Marketing.

PetstorePetstore Paradise Direct HERE

Welding – Hotspot Welding – phone 022 512 4817 – Hotspot Welding website HERE

Holistic WellnessROAM Holistic Wellness